Sweater, Covet/ Bag, Mulberry/ Belt, PETRICHOR

Just another one of the many sweaters I've been wearing this fall.  The colour of this sweater is what first made me notice it, and then when I saw that it was cropped in the front I fell in love with it!  I got it from a great store in Victoria called Paradise Boutique.  I might be slightly obsessed with sweaters at the moment, but they make my life so much easier! When I'm in a rush to get out the door (which is pretty much every day), I know I can throw on a sweater and skinny jeans and feel completely comfortable with what I'm wearing.     



  1. I like it ;) aaaand your bag is my dream )

  2. hihi! great outfit

    i shared a link to your blog with Covet fans on Facebook and Twitter