A Little Bit Of Colour

( Urban Outfitters sweater and jeans, American Apparel headband, bracelet and belt made by me)

Very rarely do I get excited about wearing colour.  Black, grey, white and beige are the "colours" that make up at least 95 percent of the clothes I have.  Lately however, I've been trying to branch out a little by introducing some red into my wardrobe.  Maybe not bright red, but I've really been loving deep burgundy/maroon/wine for fall.   I first bought a dark red nail polish (Essie's "Wicked", which is amazing!), and a headband, then I made myself a belt and a bracelet, and finally yesterday I went and bought a sweater and pair of jeans.  I'm excited to have these pieces to mix in with my other clothes to make my outfits a little more interesting!

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