Nasty Gal

Low Luv by Erin Wasson

Evil Twin bodysuit via Nasty Gal

 Britt Bardo via Earth Age

Ever since I saw this Evil Twin bodysuit on Nasty Gal I've been obsessing over moon related clothing and jewelry.  That low luv moon locket ring is definitely on my Christmas wishlist, and the last photo may have given me an idea for my next tattoo...


know your own happiness

Free People cardigan/ PETRICHOR necklace

 Urban Outfitters cardigan/ Urban Outfitters faux leather shirt/ PETRICHOR quartz arrowhead necklace/ Mavi jeans

Last week was my sister's 16th birthday, and so I was able to get away from the city for a couple of days to spend some time with her and my parents at their place.  I love living in a city, but sometimes it's so nice to get away.  My parents have an old barn on their property, which turned out to make a nice background for photos.  As you can see in the pictures, I now have a tattoo!  My sister and I both got tattoos during the time I was visiting.  I got it on the inside of my upper left arm and it says "know your own happiness"  which is a quote from Jane Austen's Sense and Sensibility.  I'm really happy with the way the tattoo turned out, and it didn't hurt too badly either!



Sorry for the lack of posting in the last few weeks, life has gotten pretty busy!  It's taken me a while to do this, but now finally I've gotten around to posting pictures from my jewelry line!  These are pieces that I've been working on over the past few months and I'm really happy with them.  I have a large range of arrowhead pieces, mainly necklaces but I've also made a few into earrings, which look really awesome!  Everything in my jewelry line reflects my style and is something that I would wear myself (you can see that in all of my looks on lookbook haha).  I've been really inspired by Pamela Love's jewelry, which is what started my major obsession with arrowheads!  I get inspired by so many other sources as well, and I love being able to put them all together to create something of my own style!  Designing jewelry is something I'm very passionate about and I'll continue to make more for myself and hopefully others to enjoy!

If you are interested in any of the pieces shown or want something custom made you can reach me by email or by visiting my facebook!

I also have some pieces available on Etsy that you can check out!


Sweater, Covet/ Bag, Mulberry/ Belt, PETRICHOR

Just another one of the many sweaters I've been wearing this fall.  The colour of this sweater is what first made me notice it, and then when I saw that it was cropped in the front I fell in love with it!  I got it from a great store in Victoria called Paradise Boutique.  I might be slightly obsessed with sweaters at the moment, but they make my life so much easier! When I'm in a rush to get out the door (which is pretty much every day), I know I can throw on a sweater and skinny jeans and feel completely comfortable with what I'm wearing.     



A Fall Favourite

Urban Outfitters jeans/ Cooperative shoes/ Free People hi-low tide tee/ Mulberry bag/ PETRICHOR black obsidian arrowhead necklace 

Seeing as how I am someone who wears black skinny jeans almost every day, I was a little unsure about purchasing these jeans on a recent trip to Urban Outfitters.  They've turned out to be a lot easier to wear than I first thought though, and I'm happy to have an easy way to add some colour to my outfits.   


Pamela Love SS12

Pamela Love is by far my favourite jewelery designer.  I love how she manages to create beautiful and unique statement pieces that are still very wearable.  I find all of her collections inspiring in different ways, and though I'm nowhere near her skill level as far as jewelry designing goes, seeing the beautiful jewelry that she creates has helped me to realize my own goals in jewelry design.


I Want

Senso Jay Moto Boots via Pixie Market

Maybe it's the fact that I have a soft spot for sparkly things, or that I have an unhealthy obsession with ankle boots, but something about these boots makes me want them so badly!   


When I'd Rather Sleep In...

Free People sweater/  Urban Outfitters Cooperative shoes/  Mulberry bag/  PETRICHOR belt and necklace (made by me)

More often than not I find myself scrambling to get ready for work on time in the mornings.  I never give myself much time to figure out what to wear, and this outfit is definitely the one I go to when I have less than a minute to get out the door.  Black skinny jeans, one of my many comfy knits, heeled boots and my favourite bag is definitely the outfit I feel most comfortable in right now.  I've also made some belts using suede and conchos which I'm finding go well with a lot of different things and are an easy way for me to make what I'm wearing a little more interesting.  Lastly I'll throw on one of my necklaces, like this black obsidian arrowhead one from my line (check them out here ), and I'm good to go!


Last Days Of Summer

Free People sweater, thrifted cutoff shorts, arrowhead necklace and belt made by me
photos taken by Kyla MacKenzie

These photos were taken about a month ago as part of a photo shoot for my jewelry line PETRICHOR, and my friend Fiona's line, Wolf Circus.  I'll do a longer post soon talking about my line, but I thought I'd put a couple pictures up in the mean time.  In the first photo I'm wearing an aqua aura bullet crystal necklace from Wolf Circus, which I love, and the second photo features one of my black obsidian arrowhead necklaces.  You can see more of Fiona's amazing jewelry here, and take a look at some of my pieces here.
The sweater I'm wearing is from Free People and I swear if I didn't have another sweater that I love that's also from Free People, I probably would never take this off! 


LF 2011 Fall Lookbook

Images via fashion lane

I am completely in love with the new LF lookbook.  The textures and colours used are so beautiful, and it features one of my favourite models at the moment, Chelsea Schuchman.  I also find the jewelry to be really inspiring, especially those concho earrings!  Now if only there was an LF store even remotely close to me...

View the full lookbook here